Pip Skinner

have always been passionate about exercise and used to combine my career with a number of team sports including netball, ultimate frisbee and outdoor boot camps before having two children. When I was on my first maternity leave I found exercise a great release from a screaming baby (taking buggy and baby along to an exercise class), it was a fantastic way to meet like-minded people and I also loved training outdoors – this inspired me to change career and become a personal trainer and I've not looked back since.

Originally from Dorking, I moved to Reigate and now have another baby (well a 8 year old but she will always be my baby!) and I found that my exercise patterns needed to change.  There was no longer time for several one hour trips to the gym, I discovered that I had to make the most of any free time - doing some squats while the baby was sleeping or lunges while the children were playing!  I discovered HIIT training which is perfect for busy mums!

Over time as my children have grown and up and my clients have stayed with me, I have carried on my learning journey and expanded my knowlege to include mums who are going through the peri menopause and menopause period.  I have furthered my studies and become a Holistic Core Restore® coach which means I have a deep understanding of the body changes and issues women go through both in terms of pelvic floor and how this relates to the core. 

As I continued my learning journey, I have realised the benefit of mums lifting weights as well as HIIT training in order to combat the effects of the menopause for strength and weight loss.  As a result, I started small group training which includes a variety of weights as well as heart rate raising exercises..

I have continue to attend courses on an annual basis since qualifying as a personal trainer and am passionate about women's wellness.  Whether you're pregnant for the first time or an experienced mum to many children going through the life changes, I can help you get fitter and stronger with tailored mum-friendly exercises that will leave you feeling more able to tackle the demands of daily life.  My classes are very sociable too so hopefully you'll also get to meet lots of new friends along the way.

Pip Skinner, Specialist Women's Health & Fitness Trainer