igh Intensity Interval Training (known as HIIT) is perfect for busy mums who want maximum results in a compact 30 minute class. The classes will push your fitness onto the next level with mummy friendly high intensity pelvic floor safe exercises - don't worry there are no star jumps! Everyone works at their own pace so don't worry about your starting fitness level you will be motivated to push yourself at your own level.

I am running midweek classes where you can bring your babies and toddlers. 

Mid week classes run on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9.15am in Priory Park - babies and toddlers are welcome to come and watch! Think what fantastic role models you are being for them!

​I also run a HIIT class on Saturdays at 7.55 am at Reigate Hill. No babies or kids allowed at this class.

You purhase a FLEXI HIIT class pass and you can use your class flexibly at ANY of the HIIT classes.

I also run ONLINE Hiit training via a secret facebook group so get in touch if you are time poor but you want to get fitter and stronger with me in the comfort of your own home :-) 


My son is 7 months old and I am already 2 kilos lighter than I was pre-pregnancy. Pip certainly works you hard but her classes are fun, varied & you will see results quickly. I even completed a triathlon recently as well as getting back to full fitness for netball, all thanks to Pip.

Sara Walker

Part trainer, part life coach, part friend: Pip is a fantastic, friendly person to work with who helped me to achieve better results than I thought possible, and taught me so much that I can now exercise safely after childbirth and will never do another sit-up again! Every session was pitched at exactly the right level to really push me, but still be achievable and enjoyable.

Rachel Turk

A great class to energise yourself!

Geraldine Lange

A really effective friendly class that caters for everyone!!

Louise O’Brien

The hiit class has been a great way to workout efficiently and effectively - I feel knackered but fantastic from the mummy-friendly exercises

Rachel Wright

Short and sweet – the perfect workout to fit in to busy weekends

Tracey Hough

"'Pip really packs it into half an hour - perfect for me as I'm short of time!"

Kate Armitage

The little class with a lot of punch! A brilliantly compact class, expertly considered for the busy Mum. Love it.

Kate Rogers

Pip keeps the class fresh and motivating and makes you work to your ability while the hubby clears away breakfast and I get the best view in Reigate!

Jo Leatham