xercise little and often is the way to see results as a busy mum.  As well as your tailored personal training sessions I will give you a 10 minute daily training schedule and give you the motivation to keep it up! Healthy eating is crucial to weight loss so I will review your food diary and provide you with nutrition advice suited to your circumstances and requirements.


Keeping active during pregnancy is important but there are limitations on the types of activities you can do and this changes as you progress through your pregnancy. Working with an experienced and specialised pre/post natal personal trainer means you can exercise safely. Movement will be dependent on your level of fitness prior to pregnancy, the type of exercise you have previously taken part in and anything else specific to your pregnancy. I can guide you through a tailored exercise programme to take you through your pregnancy.

Post Natal

Post natal exercise needs to be tailored to your needs to take into account many factors such as core strength, complications during pregnancy and labour, c-section births, pre-pregnancy fitness levels, sleep, problem/behaviour of the new baby just to name a few. I can adapt an exercise programme to suit your requirements.

Nutrition is very important at this time for you and your baby and I can advise you on suitable diets, it is especially important not to try and lose weight too quickly after birth when breast feeding.

Your baby will love watching you exercise and just think of the example you are setting them for a fit and active lifestyle!

Peri menopausal and Menopausal

If you are way beyond post natal and going through the next life changes then can build you a programme that will help you reach your goals.  During this period lifting weights and also HIIT training are both really important as your hormone levels and your body change.  Studies have proven that keeping active and having a healty lifestyle as you go through menopause has a positive effect on your experience.  We work together to make a programme that will leave you feeling stronger, more energetic and postive about your body.

Whatever your level, I will give you the motivation and inspiration to achieve your goals.


Part trainer, part life coach, part friend: Pip is a fantastic, friendly person to work with who helped me to achieve better results than I thought possible, and taught me so much that I can now exercise safely after childbirth and will never do another sit-up again! Every session was pitched at exactly the right level to really push me, but still be achievable and enjoyable.

Rachel Turk

After hitting the post-baby weight loss plateau, thanks to Pip, I am now the strongest and fittest I think I've ever been and I've also gone down a dress size to boot. Thanks Pip, you're a miracle worker!

Tina Wilkes

I now feel more confident in my body and am being more adventurous with my clothes. I'm so thrilled to learn I've lost several inches and dropped at least a dress size...but had the best time doing it!

Jay Hallam

I'm quite shocked how little I knew about the pelvic floor after my first pregnancy and how important it is not to rush things! After training with you I definitely feel more educated on the signs to look out for over working the pelvic floor and how to engage my core more in all that I do.  I would strongly recommend you to new mums who want to get back into fitness safely.

Judy Holden

I wanted to loose my baby weight and to improve my fitness. I lost 4 inches off my waist and 3 inches off my hips... I am extremely pleased with the results, not only am I back into my pre-baby clothing but I feel so much stronger, fitter and better in myself!  Pip is very friendly, she adapts the training to your level and makes it fun at the same time.

Helen Atkinson

After a difficult pregnancy with pelvic girdle pain then an emergency C-section, my body was left feeling a little weak to say the least! Pip has specific postnatal training and has oodles of patience and is always very willing to amend the programme to suit your needs and change the pace as required, but of course without letting you off the hook that easily - after all you want to see results!

Stacey-Marie Chalk

This is the most effective exercise programme I have followed.  My fitness, strength, energy level and body shape all improved dramatically in just the first month.  Pip is enthusiastic and motivating and she works hard to constantly tailor the sessions to my needs.  I always come out of her sessions with a real sense of achievement.

Lauren Taylor

Receiving a voucher to train with Pip was one of the best presents I've had in a long time!  It's like hanging out with a good friend who also happens to be a genius at getting you fit and changing your shape.  The sessions are tailored, really really effective and fun.  Thank you Pip!

Louise Targett

I can't thank Pip enough for the level of care she has shown, tailoring each session to how I, or the children were feeling, and keeping the sessions fun and interesting. feeling physically stronger.   I can now run up the stairs and have me a skip in my step.  Everyone should have a Pip!

Claire McWilliam

After 10 sessions I was really pleased with the results - I feel far more positive about my body, I was far better able to run around after my daughter and lost 9 inches off my waist and 3 inches off my hips.  The session were outside in the fresh air, good fun and tailored to my level of fitness and target.  The homework sessions were a great habbit to get into and my daughter also enjoyed watching her mummy doing exercises at home every day.

Rachel Wright

I just wanted to let you know that I'm wearing a strappy dress today that I haven't worn since before I had by first baby 4 years ago! Not only has my shaped changed, but my body confidence has turned on its head thanks to your sessions.

Helen Smith

I have had 4 trainers over the years (you being number 5!) and not one of them managed to actually help change my shape, just some weight loss. I was doing a lot more exercise then too! finally just these one or two sessions/classes plus 15 mins on the other days have made all the difference and actually changed my shape.

Kathy Kassidy

Working out with Pip through my pregnancy has made a massive difference to my mind and body! I feel much stronger (especially in pregnancy targeted areas) more like myself and am better-positioned for what lies ahead. Not to mention feeling less like a whale! Huge difference from my previous pregnancy.

Anne TanserReigate

I have had 4 trainers over the years (you being number 5!) and not one of them managed to actually help change my shape, just some weight loss. I was doing a lot more exercise then too! finally just these one or two sessions/classes plus 15 mins on the other days have made all the difference and actually changed my shape.

Kathy Kassidy

Happy clients