Part trainer, part life coach, part friend: Pip is a fantastic, friendly person to work with who helped me to achieve better results than I thought possible, and taught me so much that I can now exercise safely after childbirth and will never do another sit-up again! Every session was pitched at exactly the right level to really push me, but still be achievable and enjoyable. more ..

Rachel Turk

Wanted to tell you that I've just bought size 12 jeans. I went up to a size 16 after having my second baby 15 months ago (Aurelia, who comes to some of the classes with me) A combination of your classes, my spinning bike and eating healthily has helped me drop the weight. more ..

Ellie Ludlam

The classes have been great to build up strength and power in all those places that seem to be wobbly after a baby! I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight fairly quickly thanks to Pip and was playing competitive netball after 4 months of giving birth. None of this would have possible, in the time frame, if I hadn't gone to classes. more ..

Louisa Mold

Pip's classes always leave me feeling full of energy and ready to tackle the day ahead. After a course of classes I lost weight and gained stomach muscles! more ..

Angelina Ward

After exercising throughout my pregnancy I was keen to get back to fitness - joining Pip's buggy fit classes when Elena was around 4 months old was the best way to go round this - I got gently introduced to circuit exercise and built up my strength through many repetitions - while being outside with the little one! It is a lovely way to burn some calories and you get to know local mums which is always a benefit! more ..

Petra Townsend

I feel much fitter and stronger and am enjoying rediscovering my pre-pregnancy wardrobe! Pip ensures the classes are fun and sociable, and her never ending energy and enthusiasm is contagious - I look forward to each session, even when its cold and wet outside! more ..

Gemma Jeffries

I started going to buggy fitness about eight weeks after the birth of my daughter. The classes are pitched at all levels of fitness, so six months on, they are still as relevant, and my fitness has improved heaps! more ..

Katherine Stanger

I had a cesearian, so Pip was careful to check that I wasn't overdoing it in the beginning.  I started out walking to the first tree, I now jog across the top of the park and even manage a sprint-finish. Before pregnancy, I'd never done a single proper press-up... I can now do 40 without a single face-plant... Say no more. more ..

Sophie Blond

A fun class and Pip changes the exercises each week. She is also very good at pushing 2 or 3 buggies to get the babies off to sleep so you can carry on exercising. It is also a great way to meet some other mum's and swap tips more ..

Emily Graham

The classes are fun & sociable as well as being perfectly designed to tone & strengthen all the areas needed for day to day life with your little one. Pip is very friendly & approachable and is not at all bothered if your little one gets fractious during the class- it's a very relaxed set up. more ..

Lyndie Perkins