Completing the course has given me more confidence in myself. It's also given me a greater awareness and understanding of how everyday movements impact my core. I already had some understanding of posture and breathing techniques when exercising, but it was great to dedicate some focused time to this and to go through the exercises and techniques thoroughly. Following the course, I feel more in control of my pelvic floor. I can now stop myself from going when I get a sudden urge, and therefore have a lot less (if any) leaking now. I also feel stronger in my core overall. more ..

The course was really really helpful, thank-you. I have seen a big improvement in pelvic floor strength, especially in terms of leaking when jumping/sneezing etc. Pip was brilliant at explaining how pelvic core strength relates to breath control and how to use breathing to engage the core. My back is also less sore and I feel healthier in general more ..

I am alot more aware now of how to hold myself during both exercising and every day activities, and I feel more confident that I can take what I've learnt to help with improving my fitness level. more ..

Taking that time each week to regroup and focus on new exercises really helped keep the momentum up. From the very first class Pip’s way of explaining the pelvic floor and the breathing really was a “lightbulb” moment for me, and ever since that first class I have been able to focus my attention on my core in everyday life. more ..

I feel confident about what exercises I can do that will help my core and not cause damage. I have noticed more strength and better apparence around my middle as a result which is a great confidence boost. more ..

Hugely beneficial. Gave me back core strength, confidence, less back pain, better looking 'mummy pouch' - reduced significantly. more ..

The course has been truly great in helping me along the way to postpartum recovery. My prolapse symptoms started greatly improving around week 3 of the programme which was amazing and motivated me to keep going. I used to wear pelvic floor support shorts but since completing the course I no longer need them! more ..

The course has been hugely beneficial to me! Having suffered a bladder prolapse 3 months ago, I haven’t been able to do much exercise or even normal day-to-day activities. My strength has increased significantly and my connection to my pelvic floor is so much better. My physio has seen a dramatic improvement and is now helping me work back towards high impact exercise. more ..

I definitely feel stronger both in my core and pelvic floor. As a result day to day activities with small Children I feel I have more strength. more ..

There has been a real improvement in my pelvic and core strength got me back to exercise after a major gynaecological surgery. more ..