I just wanted to let you know that I'm wearing a strappy dress today that I haven't worn since before I had by first baby 4 years ago! Not only has my shaped changed, but my body confidence has turned on its head thanks to your sessions. more ..

Helen Smith

I have had 4 trainers over the years (you being number 5!) and not one of them managed to actually help change my shape, just some weight loss. I was doing a lot more exercise then too! finally just these one or two sessions/classes plus 15 mins on the other days have made all the difference and actually changed my shape. more ..

Kathy Kassidy

Working out with Pip through my pregnancy has made a massive difference to my mind and body! I feel much stronger (especially in pregnancy targeted areas) more like myself and am better-positioned for what lies ahead. Not to mention feeling less like a whale! Huge difference from my previous pregnancy. more ..

Anne TanserReigate