I have just seen a photo of myself at a wedding on Sunday (in a sleeveless dress!) and an old friend commented on my arm muscle definition!  I just wanted to say thank you – it’s all down to you. Nobody else would ever have got me doing press ups and lifting heavy weights.  Thank you so much – am feeling quite proud!

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Tracey Hough

Part trainer, part life coach, part friend: Pip is a fantastic, friendly person to work with who helped me to achieve better results than I thought possible, and taught me so much that I can now exercise safely after childbirth and will never do another sit-up again! Every session was pitched at exactly the right level to really push me, but still be achievable and enjoyable. more ..

Rachel Turk

Whatever the weather, Pip always always manages to give us a good workout and often a good giggle!  I can see a difference in my shape and also my attitude to fitness. exercising outdoors is fun and its a refreshing change to the gym more ..

Anna Ashdown

Pip has made being a mummy and exercising easier.  No matter the size of the class Pip always provides a personal service and give low impact or easier/harder options dependant on our strengths. I've met some lovely mums in the local area and we always have a laugh! more ..

Kelly Hutson

Pip tailors the classes to your ability and always offers alternatives to take injuries or other problems into account. She ensures that the classes always stretch you, but not so far that you feel it's all beyond you. I feel I have more energy now, have made some good friends and am actually enjoying exercise! Long may it last! more ..

Rachel Halton

I started with the fit mummy club at about 4 months post natal, Pip eased me in to exercising gently and was very aware of what I should and shouldn't be doing at that stage. After about 3 weeks I noticed a huge improvement in my fitness, and have continued to get stronger. more ..

Sarah Owen

I like the variety in Pip's classes - there is no time to get bored. She creates a friendly, sociable, fun atmosphere, encourages you to work hard and get the most from the class, adapts exercises to suit all abilities and is always ready with tips and ideas. more ..

Rachel Barnard

Having put on a lot of weight during pregnancy (over 4 stone!) I really needed these classes to kick start my weight loss.  Pip is trained specifically in post natal exercise so I don't worry about damaging myself.  The classes are very friendly with mixed abilities and fitness levels that are somehow all catered for. more ..

Marissa Coltman

3 months ago I was 4 months post birth. I was unable to jog for more than 5 seconds or do a press up or two on my knees. With Pip's encouragement and her exciting, varied classes, I've persisted and not only look forward to going every week, I can now see and feel that my hard work is paying off; I feel great. Thanks Pip :) more ..

Amelia Blake

I'm not a huge one for the gym, so exercising in the outdoors with the fab views from Reigate Hill is perfect.  Pip is great at working on all those areas that need sorting with the right amount of encouragement to get through the sessions feeling reinvigorated. more ..

Madeleine Speke