am passionate about getting women fitter and stronger not only for the obvious physical benefits but also for your mental health as well.  I also believe that being part of a community helps keep you motivated and also make exercise fun.  Clients are always telling me they have never stuck with an exercise class before coming to my Fit Club and I believe that is because once you make exercise fun AND effective people keep coming back!  I run lots of different types of classes:

HIIT classes are 30 minutes with high and low impact options, we do body weight exercises and cardio

Small groups are 1 hour and I run them like a circuit so I can adjust any exercises to tailor your goals.  We use lots of different weights and boxing too. 

Monday nights use a variety of equipment including boxing for strength and cardio and Saturday mornings are all about getting out in the great outdoors that is Reigate Hill and using nature's equipment to challenge our bodies.

All my classes are open to all fitness levels and very sociable too so hopefully along the way you’ll also get to meet lots of new friends.

Get in touch with me to get your body confidence and fitness back, there are lots of options to suit everyone.  Babies and kids are welcome at all the daytime weekday classes but plenty of women come to the small group and hiit classes without kids as well:

The classes have been great to build up strength and power in all those places that seem to be wobbly after a baby! I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight fairly quickly thanks to Pip and was playing competitive netball after 4 months of giving birth. None of this would have possible, in the time frame, if I hadn't gone to classes.

Louisa Mold
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