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Pip's Fit Club classes 

Exercising in the great outdoors is inspiring.  I run groups at Reigate Hill, Priory Park and Buckland lake all beautiful locations 

In the classes everyone has different fitness levels and strength so I motivate you individually and push you within your capabilities so don't be shy come and join us! 

Small group classes

60 minute class with a guaranteed small group of maximum 8 

Huge variety of equipment used for both strength and cardio.  Lots of benefits of being in a small group both mental and physical health, very supportive environment.


Fit and Strong classes

60 minute class focusing on cardio and strength

Monday night we use equipment - kettlebels, battling ropes, bands, slam balls etc.  Saturday morning we use the natural environment of Reigate Hill and a selection of bands


HIIT or LIIT classes

30 minute class using a mixture of body weight and hand weights 

I always provide HIIT (high impact interval training) and LIIT (Low impact interval training) options so you can get your heart rate going and work at your own pace.  



Mum and daughter fitness 

40 minute class for girls from year 6 upwards with their mums

Lots of fun inspiring everyone to be fit and active, we use a selection of appropriate equipemnt.  This class will be returning in the spring...


Online classes

Pip's Virtual Fit Club on Facebook

Running for 3 years with over 500 workouts available at any time with 2 new workouts added each week.

£25 a month for access to the group and you can workout with me any time!

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