Coronavirus (Covid-19) Update

Following Government instruction, all my classes are currently suspended.

In order to keep my clients motivated in these uncertain times, I am running "Pip's Virtual Fit Club" which is on a secret Facebook Group AND small group or personal training hosted by Zoom. I am welcoming new clients who would like to join my fun fitness community so please get in touch at if you are interested.

I am looking forward to getting back to Reigate Hill and Priory Park for my classes but in the meantime stay home and stay safe.


Women Only Outdoor Fitness Training

Fitter and Stronger Together in Reigate Surrey

ello, I’m Pip Skinner and I’m a personal trainer dedicated to women's wellness. I provide group and one to one fitness training sessions for women in all life stages including pregnancy, post natal, peri menopause and menopause.  As a Holistic Core restore® coach, I’ve undertaken specific training with in pelvic floor and core repair. I have two children, so I know how hard it is to exercise when you’re a busy mum.

I offer the following services to women in Reigate, Surrey:

These fitness sessions will rebuild your strength, restore your core and will motivate you back to full fitness or push you onto the next fitness level in a safe and welcoming environment all in the great outdoors.

Upcoming classes

Hiit training 15 minutes @ Facebook live
Jul 30 @ 7:15 am – 7:30 am
Live online hiit
Jul 30 @ 12:30 pm – 1:00 pm
Hiit training 15 minutes @ Facebook live
Aug 6 @ 7:15 am – 7:30 am
Live online hiit
Aug 6 @ 12:30 pm – 1:00 pm
Hiit training 15 minutes @ Facebook live
Aug 13 @ 7:15 am – 7:30 am


What people say about the Pip's Fit Club

Extremely beneficial! The gap in my stomach muscles has almost gone, I have increased definition and am well on the way to getting my pre mummy tummy back!

Gillian Thatcher

I followed the diastasis course with Pip and have seen fantastic results. When I started I was very unhappy with my shape and was suffering with almost constant back pain.  After 3 months there was a massive difference in both the size of the gap and the strength of my muscles.

Helena Tiernay

I feel I am more in control of my body and the need to use the toilet. I feel safer to jump up and down.

Pip's small group training sessions are great - different  exercises & equipment so you never get complacent, plus you are exercising in the fresh air, it's brilliant!

Michelle King

Pip tailors the workout to suit each individual, so it really is like having a personal trainer whilst having a supportive group of ladies to work out with.  I feel stronger, fitter and so much healthier!

Emma Mankelow

My son is 7 months old and I am already 2 kilos lighter than I was pre-pregnancy. Pip certainly works you hard but her sessions are fun, varied & you will see results quickly.

Sara Walker

Pip's pregnancy sessions have been great, with a wide range of exercises and some great suggestions for things to do at home too. I have been so surprised at what I have been able to keep doing right into my third trimester and it has also been lots of fun.

Jo Powis

Pip’s pregnancy small group classes helped me to stay active and feel good. I was able to exercise up until 33 weeks of pregnancy, feeling confident that I was doing exercises that are good for my body during pregnancy.

Hannah Lowe

Great course to raise awareness of your core and realise you are not alone!


The programme wasn't complicated,  it is great for pelvic floor awareness and my stomach muscles went from a 2 and 1/2 finger separation to a 2 finger separation.  Pip was an exceptional instructor - very engaging.


I'm more in tune with my breathing and engaging my core and pelvic floor


I feel more confident now and will try trampolining as a test!


The classes have been great to build up strength and power in all those places that seem to be wobbly after a baby! I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight fairly quickly thanks to Pip and was playing competitive netball after 4 months of giving birth. None of this would have possible, in the time frame, if I hadn't gone to classes.

Louisa Mold

Pip's classes always leave me feeling full of energy and ready to tackle the day ahead. After a course of classes I lost weight and gained stomach muscles!

Angelina Ward

After exercising throughout my pregnancy I was keen to get back to fitness - joining Pip's buggy fit classes when Elena was around 4 months old was the best way to go round this - I got gently introduced to circuit exercise and built up my strength through many repetitions - while being outside with the little one! It is a lovely way to burn some calories and you get to know local mums which is always a benefit!

Petra Townsend

I feel much fitter and stronger and am enjoying rediscovering my pre-pregnancy wardrobe! Pip ensures the classes are fun and sociable, and her never ending energy and enthusiasm is contagious - I look forward to each session, even when its cold and wet outside!

Gemma Jeffries

I started going to buggy fitness about eight weeks after the birth of my daughter. The classes are pitched at all levels of fitness, so six months on, they are still as relevant, and my fitness has improved heaps!

Katherine Stanger

I had a cesearian, so Pip was careful to check that I wasn't overdoing it in the beginning.  I started out walking to the first tree, I now jog across the top of the park and even manage a sprint-finish. Before pregnancy, I'd never done a single proper press-up... I can now do 40 without a single face-plant... Say no more.

Sophie Blond

A fun class and Pip changes the exercises each week. She is also very good at pushing 2 or 3 buggies to get the babies off to sleep so you can carry on exercising. It is also a great way to meet some other mum's and swap tips

Emily Graham

The classes are fun & sociable as well as being perfectly designed to tone & strengthen all the areas needed for day to day life with your little one. Pip is very friendly & approachable and is not at all bothered if your little one gets fractious during the class- it's a very relaxed set up.

Lyndie Perkins

The buggy fitness classes have been an excellent way to get back into exercise in a friendly and relaxing environment. Pip is fantastic and her energy and enthusiasm really helps to motivate you. A great way to exercise and tone up without having to leave your baby.

Vicky Gabric

This is a fab class for new mums wanting to get fit. Pip is a really good trainer and you can push yourself or take it easy. Its really nice exercising outdoors and a great way to meet new mums. I really noticed a change in my figure and core muscles starting to find themselves again!

Liz Martin

A really fun & friendly class run by a teacher that clearly has experience & enjoys teaching. A good way to get fit & meet people - good value for money too as i sae results after just a few classes. You can take it at your pace too & there is no pressure or competion so all abilities would benefit. Highly recommended.

Jo Abbott

The class is great - to be able to work out while outside in the fresh air and not having to put my son into a creche while I exercise is the best.  He loves to watch me , fantastic entertainment for us both.  Pip is very encouraging and willing to help you adapt to get the best out of your session for yourself.

Helen Moore

The classes run by Pip are great for all abilities, it's really great being able to exercise without having to find childcare.  The classes are great fun although you'll certainly still feel the effects the next day.

Hannah Saunders

Pip is a great instructor- pushes you hard but recognises everyone's limit. The class is very relaxed and fun- no-one feels they 'aren't as good as the others' and Pip gives everyone proper attention.

Louise Houghton

An excellent class! Pip is so welcoming and the group is friendly. The exercises target all the important muscles, without being too hard core. Pip is great at giving reminders as to which muscles to be using, always remembering the pelvic floor and the core abdominal muscles which are so important post natally.

Miranda Oberman

This class is really good fun and an excellent way of improving my fitness and getting back into shape after pregnancy.  It's great to be able to workout with my baby and meet other new mums too.

Philippa McFarlane

Whatever the weather, Pip always always manages to give us a good workout and often a good giggle!  I can see a difference in my shape and also my attitude to fitness. exercising outdoors is fun and its a refreshing change to the gym

Anna Ashdown

Pip has made being a mummy and exercising easier.  No matter the size of the class Pip always provides a personal service and give low impact or easier/harder options dependant on our strengths. I've met some lovely mums in the local area and we always have a laugh!

Kelly Hutson

Pip tailors the classes to your ability and always offers alternatives to take injuries or other problems into account. She ensures that the classes always stretch you, but not so far that you feel it's all beyond you. I feel I have more energy now, have made some good friends and am actually enjoying exercise! Long may it last!

Rachel Halton

I started with the fit mummy club at about 4 months post natal, Pip eased me in to exercising gently and was very aware of what I should and shouldn't be doing at that stage. After about 3 weeks I noticed a huge improvement in my fitness, and have continued to get stronger.

Sarah Owen

I like the variety in Pip's classes - there is no time to get bored. She creates a friendly, sociable, fun atmosphere, encourages you to work hard and get the most from the class, adapts exercises to suit all abilities and is always ready with tips and ideas.

Rachel Barnard

Having put on a lot of weight during pregnancy (over 4 stone!) I really needed these classes to kick start my weight loss.  Pip is trained specifically in post natal exercise so I don't worry about damaging myself.  The classes are very friendly with mixed abilities and fitness levels that are somehow all catered for.

Marissa Coltman

3 months ago I was 4 months post birth. I was unable to jog for more than 5 seconds or do a press up or two on my knees. With Pip's encouragement and her exciting, varied classes, I've persisted and not only look forward to going every week, I can now see and feel that my hard work is paying off; I feel great. Thanks Pip :)

Amelia Blake

I'm not a huge one for the gym, so exercising in the outdoors with the fab views from Reigate Hill is perfect.  Pip is great at working on all those areas that need sorting with the right amount of encouragement to get through the sessions feeling reinvigorated.

Madeleine Speke

Great all round workout - come rain or shine! I recently found out I have arthritis in my knees and Pip always offers alternatives to ensure I get the most from the workout. Love exercising outdoors with the beautiful backdrop of Reigate Hill and have met some lovely ladies along the way

Lorna Leonard

There is nothing more motivating than exercising in the fresh air with a great instructor. I've done this class both in early pregnancy and now post-natal, toned up, lost weight and made new local friends. Hugely recommended.

Naomi Flood

I started Pip's class when my second daughter was seven months and was struggling to lose the baby weight. Within a couple of weeks I felt fitter, more toned and energised.  I have met some wonderful friends at the class and there is always a really welcoming and friendly atmosphere.

Sarah Roberts

The Fit Mummy club has given me the direction i needed to get my fitness back post baby. Its a really fun class with a good balance of cardio and toning. I would highly recommend to all Mummy's!

Jennie Griffin

I love exercising outdoors.  Pip has really helped me build my confidence back up and I can certainly feel the benefits.  I would thoroughly recommend Pip's classes as they are good fun and challenging

Gemma Barton

This is serious fitness! I have been attending the class on a Saturday morning and got hooked. Cross training is a great way to improve and complement my yoga practice.

Laurence Turner, Yogamoo Reigate

I wanted to loose my baby weight and to improve my fitness. I lost 4 inches off my waist and 3 inches off my hips... I am extremely pleased with the results, not only am I back into my pre-baby clothing but I feel so much stronger, fitter and better in myself!  Pip is very friendly, she adapts the training to your level and makes it fun at the same time.

Helen Atkinson

The course helped me feel more confident and relaxed about my pelvic floor health


I've seen a real improvement in my pelvic floor and my core feels stronger too which has given me confidence to return to exercise


One really noticeable development is that the first time in a while I have woken up and not had a back ache.  Honestly I cannot tell you how different I feel and noticing my tummy is a tighter too.

Rachel Smith

The class went above my expectations - it was really varied and Pip was a fantastic motivator. I most definitely feel stronger after the course, now I have to keep it up!  It was also fantastic to be outside in the fresh air, and the view on reigate hill wasn't bad either!

Louise Greenaway

I've really enjoyed the sessions, the fact that there are only six of us in a class means you get more 1-2-1 attention and we can all work at our own pace whilst building our core fitness levels. I have noticed huge improvement not only from my measurements but personally how strong and fit I feel. I'm now in a much healthier position to keep up with my 3yr old son and 8mth old daughter!!

Rachel Halliday

By the end of the 6 week course I felt much stronger, far more confident doing the challenging exercises, and I feel more toned! The small group training really pushes you to work hard (there's nowhere to hide!) and the specialist equipment Pip uses made my muscles work so much harder but without putting strain on my joints!

Stacey-Marie Chalk

A great class for toning up post pregnancy.  Pip gives individual support and advice and is very friendly.  I definitely feel fitter and in better shape since starting the classes and have made a few new friends into the bargain.

Jenny Davidson

After a difficult pregnancy with pelvic girdle pain then an emergency C-section, my body was left feeling a little weak to say the least! Pip has specific postnatal training and has oodles of patience and is always very willing to amend the programme to suit your needs and change the pace as required, but of course without letting you off the hook that easily - after all you want to see results!

Stacey-Marie Chalk

This is the most effective exercise programme I have followed.  My fitness, strength, energy level and body shape all improved dramatically in just the first month.  Pip is enthusiastic and motivating and she works hard to constantly tailor the sessions to my needs.  I always come out of her sessions with a real sense of achievement.

Lauren Taylor

Receiving a voucher to train with Pip was one of the best presents I've had in a long time!  It's like hanging out with a good friend who also happens to be a genius at getting you fit and changing your shape.  The sessions are tailored, really really effective and fun.  Thank you Pip!

Louise Targett

I can't thank Pip enough for the level of care she has shown, tailoring each session to how I, or the children were feeling, and keeping the sessions fun and interesting. feeling physically stronger.   I can now run up the stairs and have me a skip in my step.  Everyone should have a Pip!

Claire McWilliam

After 10 sessions I was really pleased with the results - I feel far more positive about my body, I was far better able to run around after my daughter and lost 9 inches off my waist and 3 inches off my hips.  The session were outside in the fresh air, good fun and tailored to my level of fitness and target.  The homework sessions were a great habbit to get into and my daughter also enjoyed watching her mummy doing exercises at home every day.

Rachel Wright

I just wanted to let you know that I'm wearing a strappy dress today that I haven't worn since before I had by first baby 4 years ago! Not only has my shaped changed, but my body confidence has turned on its head thanks to your sessions.

Helen Smith

I have had 4 trainers over the years (you being number 5!) and not one of them managed to actually help change my shape, just some weight loss. I was doing a lot more exercise then too! finally just these one or two sessions/classes plus 15 mins on the other days have made all the difference and actually changed my shape.

Kathy Kassidy

Working out with Pip through my pregnancy has made a massive difference to my mind and body! I feel much stronger (especially in pregnancy targeted areas) more like myself and am better-positioned for what lies ahead. Not to mention feeling less like a whale! Huge difference from my previous pregnancy.

Anne TanserReigate